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Discover the magic of needle felting with this premium craft kit for adults and teens. It makes a brilliant gift for anyone creative and, with full step-by-step instructions inside, it is suitable for beginners and experienced crafters too.

You will learn how to use a wire armature so that your sloth can cling to your finger, a branch or anything around your home. He makes a wonderful decoration. Everything you need to complete the project is packed by hand into a stylish display box. There is a needle felting basics guide inside the box, which details all of the skills you'll need to make this sweet sloth model.

Felting is really easy to do and can be mastered in just a couple of hours. if you've ever fancied having a go at wool sculpture, this is the kit for you! You will also need a soft sponge or felting mat to work on. This means your needle won't break.


Please Note: This is not a toy. The kit includes very sharp needles.

Needle Felting -Baby Sloth


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