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 Frances the Fox lives with Bea the Badger in the land of Bunnyville Biscuit!

Bea means the 'bringer of happiness' and with Frances meaning 'the free one' they seem to be made for each other and for you!

Frances is 13 inches high when made up and her vibrant colourful design is printed onto organic cotton for a vintage feel.

This kit contains:

the printed cotton fabric and full instructions as well as the buttons for the joints and vegan leather strap and collar fabric  (stuffing and thread NOT included) 


Please note:

She has buttons for her hinges on his arms and legs so isn't suitable for small children and isn't a toy. 


Design exclusive to Miss Ella : All copyright, design rights and intellectual property rights  will remain the property of Ella Goodwin.

Made in the UK

Frances the Fox and Bea


    Free Postage for Orders over £30
    Standard postage:  £3.50
    Large letter postage: £2.25
    (Mostly covers Sewing kits and some Stitch kits without hoops)

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