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This embroidery kit from Beaks and Bobbins includes a printed background and all the instructions you need to add the stitching and embellishments to bring it to life and create your own piece of coastal textile art. 



•    Pre-printed 100% organic cotton fabric. 

•    100% cotton calico backing fabric

•    Anchor threads

•    Gold Madeira thread

•    Beading thread

•    Stef Francis hand-dyed variegated silk

•    2 x John James needles: 1 x embroidery and 1 x beading

•    Beads

•    Sequins

•    Instructions and Stitch Glossary




  9" Embroidery Hoop

The printed area measures 16cm x 16cm (6.3" x 6.3")



The instruction booklet includes full written instructions as well as clear labelled diagrams showing where the different stitches are used. There is also an illustrated Stitch Glossary and advice on how to stretch your work ready for framing.


This kit is packaged in biodegradable and compostable cellophane bags.

Cornish Embroidery Kit


    Free Postage for Orders over £30
    Standard postage:  £3.50
    Large letter postage: £2.25
    (Mostly covers Sewing kits and some Stitch kits without hoops)

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