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Slow Stitch - from the beginnings to the benefits

What is Slow Stitch?

Handsewn Heart Slow Stitch

This meditative practice involves using just a needle, thread, and beautiful fabrics, with no rigid patterns or instructions to follow. It is all about exploring and creating your own intuitive hand-sewn project at a leisurely pace.

Slow stitching provides a perfect escape from the demands of daily life allowing you to relax, reduce stress and enjoy the simplicity as you embrace the process of bringing your creation to life.

What do I need?

With just a piece of Background Fabric, Embroidery thread and a few basic stitches (think back to school sewing lessons!) you can creative a wonderful piece of textile art.

Any fabric can be used which makes it a great craft for recycling materials. You can find lots of lovely fabrics and trims in charity shops too. Repurpose fabrics and materials that mean something special into a memory project.

Do not forget all the other lovely things you can add to your project too; gorgeous lace, ribbons, beads, buttons, charms, the list goes on. Who doesn’t like to browse through the haberdashery department!

Selection of Fabrics

How to start Slow stitching?

Lay out your fabrics, considering colours, textures, and patterns.

Arrange them in a way that visually appeals to you. Maybe you have a theme in mind or just like the look of certain fabrics together, it is entirely up to you, allow creativity to guide your choices.

One of the best things about Slow Stitch is you do not have to be great at sewing, it is not about the stitches, it is about taking the time to relax and enjoy the process so don't worry about making every stitch perfect; imperfections can add character to your creation. 

Start with a basic running stitch. Experiment with sewing straight lines, curves, or circles. Try different stitch lengths, spacings, and thread colours.

As you gain confidence, try blanket stitch, whipstitch, or backstitch for different effects.

The start of Slow Stitch and the Benefits

Mark Lipinski, a quilter, came to realise that his hectic life was taking a toll on his well-being. In response, he decided to make a significant change by creating the concept of Slow Stitching. This approach involves deliberately slowing down and recognizing the benefits of a more measured and relaxed pace.

The repetitive and rhythmic motion of stitching plays a crucial role in the Slow Stitching technique. Engaging in this type of mindful stitching allows you to not only create beautiful projects but also promotes relaxation. The slowed-down pace has a positive impact on breathing patterns, creating a sense of inner calm and an overall relaxed feeling.

Slow Stitching may improve mental health by helping relieve stress and anxiety, in some cases reducing blood pressure. It can be a way to process emotions and feelings, provide a sense of grounding and connection to the present.

As there are no rules this craft allows for creativity and self-expression which in turn can provide a sense of accomplishment and boost self-esteem.

That moment when your project is finished, and you admire it proudly and say, “I made that!”

Hand sewn Daisy Slow Stitch kit

Give it a go, I am!

Slow stitch is a great craft to slow things down when life gets busy, to explore your creativity and bring you inner calm, something I need right now!

So…. I am going to try one of our beautiful Slow Stitch kits designed by Ravenglass Craft. I have chosen The Daisy kit and have already had a peek at what is inside the box!

I will take pictures of the process and of course the finished result!!

These kits are a perfect start for beginners as everything you need to create a beautiful piece of Slow Stitch Art is beautifully presented in the box.

Why not join me, and we can create beautiful, individual pieces of Textile Art which can be posted on my Facebook page!

Slow stitch is great for everyone, especially beginners, it is easily transportable which makes it great to do anywhere (even in bed!) and is beneficial to our mental health and general well-being.

The journey is just as important as the destination in slow stitch. Enjoy the process and have fun bringing your creative visions to life.

Click here to see the gorgeous Slow Stitch kits we have in-store

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