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Learn how to use simple hand embroidery stitches to create this contented cat, which has been designed in collaboration with ©Bug Art Ltd. Whether you are a beginner wanting to dip your toes into the world of embroidery, or a more advancer stitcher looking for a new project, the kits are designed to give you a relaxing stitching experience where you can enjoy some ‘me time’ and lose yourself in the process- with the bonus of having something beautiful at the end of the it, which you can continue to enjoy!


The design is pre-printed onto the fabric so there is no need for tracing, and everything you need is included leaving you all set to get stitching! With full illustrated instructions included, you will be guided through using stranded cottons to outline, define and create different textures and add some subtle sparkle using delicate sequins and seed beads and gold thread.


•    Pre-printed 100% organic cotton fabric. The printed area measures approx. 6x8in
•    100% cotton calico backing fabric
•    Anchor threads
•    Gold Madeira thread
•    Beading thread
•    Stef Francis hand-dyed variegated silk
•    3 x John James needles: 1 x embroidery, 1 x beading and 1 x chenille
•    Beads
•    A safety pin
•    Sequins
•    Instructions and Stitch Glossary

Cat on a Cushion Embroidery Kit


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